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Alexis Nikole Nelson


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Alidia Vane

Alexis Nikole Nelson, a.k.a. the “Black Forager,” is a sensation on Instagram and TikTok, where she shares her passion for foraging. Nelson’s content offers an accessible and fun entry into foraging, with practical tips for safe foraging and tasty vegan recipes using foraged food. Outside of her social media work, she is also working on a 15-part botany class in partnership with the Crash Course YouTube channel and a cookbook.

Nelson’s work goes beyond just sharing tips; it’s a cultural reclamation project reconnecting people with their ancestral traditions. She shares the rich food and foraging traditions of African American and Indigenous communities, contributing to their preservation for future generations. Through her work, she is fostering a deeper connection to nature, culture, and history for her ever-growing community of followers.

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