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Taylor Heagler

A growing buzz word in the sustainability community, the ZeroWasteStore is a one-stop e-commerce shop, a part of 1% for the Planet, that makes it easy to increase sustainability. Zero waste can be described as an attempt to eliminate the negative impacts that waste production and disposal has on the planet. When trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle, it’s all about being mindful of your consumption. Buying items in bulk with reusable/refillable containers is one common-sense way to get that carbon footprint reduced.

A one-stop e-commerce shop for all your sustainability needs, EarthHero allows you to pick products that are sourced, manufactured, and shipped in a way that protects the future of our planet. With badges like Certified B Cooperation, 1% for the Planet, and a Climate Neutral badge, EarthHero is the “Amazon” of sustainability, vetting each product they sell to the highest standard.

If you’re interested in knowing the impact of your sustainable purchases, check out Canopey. Canopey is an online marketplace that sells a wide variety of verified, sustainable products. You can choose to shop by product category, like clothes and skincare, or by accreditation, such as upcycled or compostable products. As an added benefit, the site offers an impact calculator that tracks the carbon emissions, plastic and water that you save by choosing sustainable options on their site.

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