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Ocean-Assisted Carbon Removal

Ocean waves


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Taylor Heagler

While many corporations are focused on capturing CO2 from our atmosphere, working with the ocean has multiple advantages. A renewable energy start-up with the goal to make a major breakthrough in the fight against climate change, Heimdal has created the first-ever ocean-assisted carbon removal plant. It works by pumping saltwater into a machine that uses electricity to rearrange water molecules and remove acid. After the acid is removed, the seawater can be pumped back into the ocean, allowing that de-acidified water to absorb more CO2 from the atmosphere. Heimdal is currently working on a large-scale prototype, with a goal of capturing 5 million tons of CO2 within the next three years.

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  • According to Springwise, Heimdal's plant can capture CO2 at a cost of $475 per tonne, making it the cheapest direct air capture system currently available.

    True Yes, this is true, check out more via the link. False No, it is the cheapest according to Springwise. This is an evolving technology.