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Hang Dry Laundry

Laundry hanging to dry over a street


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Valencia Meredith

In various global cultures, there is a likely chance of encountering several backyards and balconies with a hang line present. Frequent utilization of the dryer is atypical for the average European household. Unlike our energy-efficient brothers and sisters, Americans are notorious for using energy-consuming dryers. 85% of Americans possess a dryer within the home. Our dryers use 6% of residential electricity consumption, 2% of residential gas consumption, and consume 60 billion kilowatt hours of electricity annually (NRDC). According to the NRDC, that is enough electricity to light up the entire state of Massachusetts!

Clothes rack, drying horse, clothes maiden, garment donkey, corde à linge — whichever name you may give a clothesline, hang drying is the most eco-efficient way to dry your clothes. Line drying will reduce your dryer’s carbon emissions by up to 100%. To learn more about the benefits of hang drying, check out the featured article, “Top 10 Reasons to Line Dry.”

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