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Taylor Heagler

Did you know that the food that you feed your pets relies on factory farming? On average, American pets consume more meat every year than 80 million people in California, Texas, and Pennsylvania!

Made in Illinois (but named after a town in Northern California), Petaluma is a Certified B Corporation that is Climate Neutral Certified, offsetting 100% of its greenhouse gases and using solar power to make their dog food and chews! Relatively new to the market, launching in 2021, Petaluma dog food is baked, plant-based formula for adult dogs of all breeds, using more than 50% organic ingredients that come from non-GMO sources. They also offer a sweet treat for your pup throughout the day with their Sweet Potato Chews geared towards medium-sized dogs.  Backed by science, this vegan formula is made to meet the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profile for adult dog maintenance all while it comes in a completely compostable bag. Request a free sample online to see what your dog thinks of the peanut butter and sweet potato flavor before you commit to a subscription.

With transparency about their food sourcing as a key mission, Open Farm carefully sources from the most ethical farms, fisheries, and producers for their dog or cat foods. They look for certifications such as Certified Humane, Oceanwise, and the Global Animal Partnership to ensure all their products are made with ethics and sustainability in mind. Open Farm has three programs throughout North America to offset emissions as they pledged to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 42% within the next ten years.

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