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Levi Hildebrand


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Alidia Vane

Creator of the YouTube channel FutureProof, Levi Hildebrand is a Canadian videographer passionate about sustainable business practices and futureproofing. The FutureProof channel highlights various products in the fashion, food, and household spaces, providing insight into the brands’ sustainable practices and how they have made their business better for the future (or, how they haven’t). Check out the FutureProof channel at the “Action” link below.

Hildebrand also runs the “Levi & Leah” channel in collaboration with his wife, Leah. There, they show how one doesn’t have to be a “hero” to save the planet, by highlighting achievable lifestyle changes, such as repairing broken items instead of buying new. Through sharing their own journey, they provide honest insight into the joys and challenges of sustainable living. Hildebrand also owns a production company and teaches workshops, where he shares his expertise on the power of video creation.

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